Sales Abandonments - Stop the Shock!

Price Shock is one of the largest causes of sales abandonment in eCommerce - so what is it, and what should I do to address it??

Your DtC sales channel is usually your most profitable channel for your winery if deployed correctly, the key is to maximise your conversion rate!

Did you know,up to 80% of consumers are shocked and angered by the inclusion of sudden ‘hidden’ charges in the checkout process, so they abandon the checkout and do not return!

Price shock is generally caused when a customer gets all the way to the checkout and is then peppered with additional freight fees, insurance fees, and/or other additional costs not previously disclosed throughout the sales process... it has caught them off guard and leaves a pretty sour taste in their mouth. Now add this experience to a coupon or other discount codes that don't work properly, and you end up with some pretty unhappy customers.

If consumers feel cheated, or misled, for any reason, they will lose faith in the vendor and will leave your site empty-handed.

Globally, the average rate of cart abandonment is 71.4% and it is claimed that the best optimised checkout has anabandonment rate of only 20%.

With so much marketing time spent attributed to getting customers to your checkout, only to lose them through poor online strategies or ineffective eCommerce processes, winery marketers need to be asking themselves;

  • Why do online shoppers abandon shopping carts without purchasing?
  • How do I lower cart abandonment?
  • How do I avoid Price Shock?

The good news is - there are some easy solutions to increase your winery sales!

We've developed a white paper focused on'How to Drive Digital Growth for Wineries'. We guide you through the steps to build a frictionless sales model that reduces cart abandonment and increases repeat customers. you’ll learn;

  • Why you should build a Digital Commerce Strategy
  • Benchmarking - know your current performance
  • Price Shock - how to reduce
  • Build a frictionless buying process
  • Selling the value
  • Build repeat business

Download our white paperhere