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vinCreative provides a comprehensive ‘Invitation Only’ Wine Club as a Service (WCaaS) offering. We aim to support our clients as they grow their commitment club revenue without staff overheads blowing their budget.

Over the past four years, our team has set up over one thousand Wine Club order groups across our client base. The experience gained from this effort has enabled us to develop a best practice club management methodology. This ensures customer satisfaction is maintained at the highest levels possible, and delivered in a scalable and affordable manner.

Here’s how we can help manage your Wine Club, Wine Club communications and Wine Club members.

Club Management

Club Structure

To maximise profitability, our club management team will review your club structure to ensure customer engagement is maximised, and the overall process is manageable.

Fewer options usually lead to reduced buyer confusion, resulting in increased sales as well as a higher average spend per customer. Our aim is to reduce confusion, and build relevance, brand loyalty and value.

Product Manager

Our Club Management team will coordinate your wine catalogue including club inclusions, product defaults and maximum purchase qty, substitutions for out-of-stock SKUs, as well as member discounts for non-club purchases.

We’re a team within a team.

NO holidays, NO sick days and we WON'T

leave you stranded!

Member Communications

Welcome Emails for New Members

Emails will be sent to different user segments such as new, returning and upgrading members. These emails will be tailored to the segment ensuring maximum engagement by recognising past or new consumer relationships.

Skipped/Suspended Club Request Processing

When your members ‘Skip’ a delivery, or request their order be ‘Paused/Suspended’, our team will ensure they have been notified once it’s been actioned. We will also send an email prior to the next club processing run to entice them to receive the next delivery and maximise your club revenue.

Pre-processing Emails

Members will be kept abreast of the full processing flow and encouraged to update their club data including Shipping Address, Products (for user-select clubs) and Credit Card selected prior to processing. We aim to streamline the club member experience and maximise the club order revenue and retention.

Processing Emails

To initiate club processing we will first notify club members that their order is now ‘locked’ so the Delivery Addresses and Product Selections can no longer be updated. Call us urgently if changes are still required! We also include different messages for pick-up and delivery members.

Post-processing Emails

Once processing is complete we will send a copy of the invoice and notify members their order will be on its way soon. We’ll also notify via email those members whose credit cards were not successful.

Order Update Requests

We’ll provide a webform where customers will be able to request a change to their club details including their shipping address, order selection, skip or suspend options and our team will process the requests in a timely manner.

Our Wine Club Management services are designed to increase sales and grow your recurring revenue stream.

Club Processing

Stock Management

Prior to processing any Order Group our team will advise you of the stock requirements to fully satisfy all club orders. If there are low stock issues with a particular product we will substitute products to ensure processing success.

Processing Payments

Our team will make three attempts to collect customer fees. We will process your customer orders to collect club fees and send invoices upon successful payment.

Failed Payment Follow-up

Any orders that failed to process will be re-processed after 48 hours and then again, if still uncollected after 7 days. This will capture those members who had temporary credit issues as well as those who update their cards from the Club Processing Failure email.

Scheduling future club runs

Upon completion of the processing we will change the dates for the next processing run including the lock, processing and shipping dates.

Lapsed Accounts

A list with all remaining unprocessed orders with the customer contact details will then be forwarded to your team for further action.

Should you prefer we complete this follow-up fee of $10 per customer is charged. We will make 2 attempts to contact each customer after which the order will be either suspended or cancelled at your discretion.


Our team will coordinate the fulfilment process including picking, packing and delivery with your warehouse team to ensure a streamlined process and excellent customer service.


Club Sales Report for Club sent to the owner.

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