Wine Club Software

Simple, yet powerful wine club management software that builds user engagement and customer loyalty

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Build long-term ‘loyal’ customers to exponentially grow your recurring revenue

vinCreative delivers a holistic Wine Club management software solution with seamless customer registration, Club Member communication, customer self-service, and order processing, which is widely recognised as the most powerful, and user-friendly Wine Club management solution available for wineries globally.

Our Wine Club software has options for ‘User Select’ or ‘Winemaker Select’ Clubs. Variable frequency and bottle quantity selections offer your customers a range of solutions to meet their individual needs. Once registered, all Wine Club Members are assigned a ‘User Role’ which delivers further purchasing discounts to extend the value proposition and encourage further repeat sales.

Provide your members with many Wine Club benefits including first release access to the latest vintages,  new wine discovery, tasting events, and member discounts. 

Wine Club visitor features
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Club- Visitor Engagement

Engage visitors to maximise recurring income

  • Promote your Wine Club benefits to wine lovers
  • Highlight reasons to engage
  • Choose from a range of Club options
  • Sign new members from any location
  • Simplify sign up with 'QR' codes
  • Offer product, frequency & quantity options
  • Create powerful ‘call to action’ messages
  • Present ‘site message’ to drive lead flow
Wine Club regiatration features
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Club- Registration

Intuitive user experience to maximise conversions

  • Wizard to guide users through the Wine Club selection journey
  • Simple account creation & login workflow
  • Birthdate collection for statutory compliance
  • Capture & securely store credit cards
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"Engaging with Wine Club customers is made much easier through the powerful Wine Club member management system and members can engage online or in the tasting room."

David Blacket, Riversands Wines
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Wine Club order processing screen

Club- Powerful Wine Club Management Software

Simplify the challenges of order management, and focus on growth

  • View stock requirements prior to order processing
  • Process all, a selected batch or individual orders
  • Automated invoice creation & payment processing
  • Filter orders by delivery type or state for dispatch
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Club- Increase Profitability

Drive profitability by scaling your recurring revenue

  • Support multiple Club orders / person
  • Offer non-Wine Club discounts to users
  • VIP rewards plan discount scaling
  • Support corporate or personal members

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Learn how to build a 500 member strong Wine Club in just 6 weeks

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Wine Club Software- Additional Features

  • ‘Deliver Now’ feature to pull cash-flow forward
  • Wine Club ‘Order Pickup’ option to encourage local business
  • Wine Club upgrades & transfers by members or staff
  • Simple re-engagement process for returning members
  • Credit card pre-auth for 100% invoice to payment success
  • Manage customer data through the CRM Data Hub
  • Improve staff efficiency of inventory management with ‘sold out’ product substitution
  • Suspended order task management process in CRM DataHub
  • View order processing log for error/success messages
  • Track internal transfers between Wine Clubs
  • Provide discounts for additional online sales
  • Perfect for large or small wineries to sell more wine