Inventory Control

Seamlessly manage unlimited stock items across multiple inventory locations and all sales channels

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Maintain continuous visibility of all your inventory to ensure a seamless purchasing experience for customers

Set up unlimited inventory locations and map them to the physical or online sales channels they supply. Then track inventory across all warehouses with real-time stock level visibility, transfer stock between inventory locations, and synchronisation to third parties applications fast.

Sales orders can be automatically routed to specific fulfillment locations (even external 3PL’s) based on the purchase type, sales channel or customers delivery region. And staff can carry out and record stock counts and stock updates for inventory count accuracy to ensure customer satisfaction is maintained.

multi warehouse management features
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Inventory Control- Multi-warehouse Management

Create and manage inventory across unlimited locations

  • Manage fulfilment internally or send to external 3PL
  • Manage contact details for each inventory location
  • Show ‘out of stock’ notices per sales channel
  • Sell any SKU via any sales channel, or sub-channel
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Inventory Control- Stock Record

Track stock for sales & delivery success

  • Transfer multiple SKUs at once between locations
  • Manage inventory locations per sales channel
  • Inventory counts by PDF, tablet, or computer
  • Download PDF Report after stock count
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Inventory Control- Stock Transfer

Manage stock requests, allocations and movements

  • Real-time inventory updates and adjustments
  • Access stock availability by SKU by location
  • Track and report stock count issues
  • Automatic inventory updates on invoice creation

Inventory Control- Partner Integrations

’Best Practice’ integrations with vintrace, Vinsight, and Dear

  • Map and sync data with partner software
  • Send sales to internal or external fulfillment centers
  • Real-time stock sync from external partner software
  • Sync ‘stock transfers’ within external partner software

Track your inventory, front or back of house!

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Inventory Control- Additional Features

  • Record of stock adjustments & movements
  • Map multiple sales channels to one inventory location
  • Name each stock count with description for historic record
  • Add notes to stock counts to detail reasons for adjustments
  • Record stock counts & access full history
  • Include some or all products in a stock count
  • Access expected & counted inventory during counts
  • Visual record of correct/incorrect SKU during stock counts
  • Record the staff member completing the stock count