Here’s a positive news story that comes directly as a result of COVID. 

15th Sep 2020

Congratulations to all vinCreative 2021 Halliday Award Winners. 

10th Aug 2020

Top tips to ensure your newsletters get the attention (& sales) they deserve!

Email marketing is an art as there are so many factors to consider when designing, segmenting and sending. Of the numerous newsletters I receive I must say that 90% of them are very similar in terms of content and offers, free shipping and discounts are by far the most common.

15th May 2020

Have you considered how you are going to retain your members in the current environment?

When your next wine club run is due you may wish to consider changing your ‘run up marketing’ to take into account the financial effects of COVID19 and how they may have impacted your members.

Most wineries run their wine clubs at 3, 6 or 12 month intervals and send out reminder emails a week or so prior. Others follow up with another reminder 1 or 2 days prior to charging the members credit card. But this year things are far from normal, COVID19 has reduced many people's income and this requires them to look at their finances and in some cases remove the non essential bills.

14th Apr 2020

Global and national circumstances seem to continue to have an impactful effect on local businesses. Amidst all of this, the push towards online shopping seems to be inevitable not just with current global circumstances but also as a more accommodating service option. With the ongoing changes in the market, wineries are faced with an uncertain future especially with regards to wholesale and overseas business. Diversification is the key to keeping your business sales strong and thinking outside of the box could well be the ‘powerplay’ for your business surviving in the current volatile market conditions.

17th Mar 2020

Sell more wine online, to more people, more often! Increase your margins by selling direct to consumers and build that personal relationship with them instead of relying on large distributors.

30th Oct 2019

Empower better Winery Business Decisions with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that provides functionality to manage and analyse customer interactions and data throughout the entire customer life cycle. 

21st Oct 2019

The best of the best making an impact in the Australian wine industry. Sixteen progressive Australian businesses have been short-listed as finalists in 8 different categories for this year's awards.

30th Aug 2019

Google My Business allows people to find you more easily, know when you’re open and what you look like (photos you've uploaded can include logo, cellar door, wine bottles, etc.). Your listing will not only provide customers with 'click to call', 'directions' to your cellar door or link to your website, and customer reviews, but allows you to promote offers, coupons and much more.

18th Feb 2019

Reserve with Googleis one of the latest soon to be released features that Google My Business listings can utilise.

11th Feb 2019

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