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The VC Team

We’re a team of dedicated strategists and developers who look past the obvious, and always strive beyond expectations.

Mike Whitehouse BW image

Mike Whitehouse

Chief Executive Officer
Lynne Newbury BW image

Lynne Newbury

Business Services Manager
Mick Clarke BW image

Mick Clarke

Commercial Manager
Sean Allen BW image

Sean Allen

Brand & Marketing Manager
Ian Martin BW image

Ian Martin

Commercial Manager
Hayden Foote BW image

Hayden Foote

Commercial Manager
Yurii Parshikov BW image

Yurii Parshikov

Client Services Officer
Brianne Ortoño image placement

Brianne Ortoño

Client Services Officer
Keirby Malapit image placement

Keirby Malapit

Client Services Officer
Cameron Duchatel BW image

Cameron Duchatel

Digital Marketing Analyst
George Tsoukatos BW image

George Tsoukatos

User Experience Manager
Christian Dale BW image

Christian Dale

Software Development Manager
Elle mcLaughlin BW image

Elle McLaughlin

Accounting Manager
Phil Gee image placement

Phil Gee

IT Director
Shane Neal image placement

Shane Neal

Software Engineer
David Donnelly image placement

David Donnelly

Backend Developer
Glenn Kitchen image placement

Glenn Kitchen

IT Engineer