Our Goal

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We were founded with a single objective...

to level the ‘technology’ playing field for small, boutique, and family-owned wine, alcohol, and beverage producers.

Being a lover of wine, our CEO was constantly disappointed when visiting wineries. Most often the business practices simply did not capitalise on the incredible opportunity afforded them. Some quick research by our team showed that only 3% of wineries collected customer data at all - usually just an email. And next to no one collected contact details, wine preferences, wine club registrations, or personal interests such as dinners, events, or vintage releases.  We were shocked!

We surveyed multiple wineries and wine associations and found the core reasons for the lack of a DtC Data strategy fell into two areas.  Poor or unaffordable technology solution, and a limited pool of business resources who understood DtC technology deployment or marketing resources who could plan and deploy a comprehensive DtC strategy.


It turns out there was a really simple explanation

The wine industry did not have a single product offering that incorporated eCommerce, Cellar Door POS, DtC marketing, Campaigns, Clubs, Rewards, Distribution, Fulfillment, Dispatch, and CRM into a seamless multi-channel solution. Why - because it’s very hard and costly to deliver!

So small, boutique and family-owned wine, alcohol, and beverage producers were struggling to manage the interconnected maze of software products required to build a successful DtC strategy. As a result, their eCommerce, Wine Clubs, and Loyalty Rewards Programs suffered, and Cellar Door strategies stagnated. Many producers grew over-reliant on low-margin distribution, wholesale, and reseller channels, and their consumer value-chain was often severely broken. 

So we set about solving the problem. 

Our ‘Big Hairy Audacious Goal’

was to build a technology platform for wine, alcohol, and beverage producers that ‘unified’ all core DtC business functions within a user-friendly and cost-effective, yet powerful, software platform. 

All aspects of a company’s marketing, sales, wine club, fulfillment, dispatch, and customer care activities would be included. As a result, vinCreative was born! and our goal was achieved. In 2022 we plan to add distribution, wholesale, and export management systems to set a new global software benchmark for this market segment. 

From now on wineries are empowered to provide superior DtC sales, marketing, and customer care follow-up. They now have access to data allowing personalised communication through an understanding of previous purchases, user preferences, and buyer behaviors. No longer do they need to miss data capture opportunities or DtC strategy deployment. 

A new world of high-margin, value-focused consumers is accessible to all.