vinCreative Company History

We aren't as new to the game as you might think!


Our Mission

To reinvent the way wineries work by providing a unified solution to run their cellar door, online sales, wine club and help produce successful marketing campaigns.

Our Values

We are committed to creating a level playing field allowing smaller businesses to act like enterprise organisations online.

Our Promise

To help our clients evolve and grow their online presence, improve their DTC sales and achieve their business goals.

Our Essence

We are proudly Australian owned and operated. Supporting our local economy, jobs and the community.

Our Staff

Have visited hundreds of cellar doors, sipped fine wines, drunk litres of craft beer, tasted whiskeys straight off the top shelf and are dedicated to creating great outcomes.
  • Aspedia Australia was Founded

    January 2004

    Aspedia founded to empower small and medium enterprise businesses with enterprise level software.

  • Web v1 Launch

    April 2005

    Aspedia WEB v1 officially launched for website design and development

  • New Product Launch

    June 2006

    Aspedia Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system v1 launch

  • Additional Product Launch

    December 2006

    MailServant v1, a bulk email manager officially launch as part of Aspedia's Web and CRM

  • 1000 Solutions Delivered

    January 2009

    Aspedia has officially launched 1000 successful solutions to clients across Australia

  • New Product: Member Evolution

    April 2009

    Member Evolution v1 launched to the Not for Profit market segment with events, resources, membership management, financials and CRM

  • Product Update

    May 2013

    Updates rolled out to clients with the Member Evolution solution include; mail queuing, automated billing and prorate memberships.

  • Product Update

    April 2014

    Member Evolution launches with XERO integrations, accreditations, and individual and business directories

  • Product Update

    September 2016

    Member Evolution solutions now delivered with Quickbooks Online and MYOB integrations, Face to Face courses, Self-paced online courses, curriculum and advanced professional development tools.

  • 1500 Online Solutions Delivered

    November 2016

    During the multiple product upgrades we were able to successfully launch 1500 online solutions via Aspedia web design and Member Evolution across Australia and New Zealand.

  • Product Announcement: vinCreative

    January 2018

    After successfully launching thousands of basic web development projects and complex Member Evolution solutions to international NFP organisations, Aspedia announces the launch of vinCreative.

    vinCreative is the first 100% Australian, unified solution providing website, eCommerce, marketing, sales force automation, financial management and CRM system, in one.

  • vinCreative Product Launch

    April 2018

    vinCreative v1 launches with the first few clients going live shortly after.

  • vinCreative Product Announcements

    August 2018

    vinCreative Cellar Door Point of Sale (POS) is announced as a prototype feature that will soon become available to clients.

    A powerful custom Wine Club component is launched for vinCreative. This tool allows business owners to create multiple club options - fixed, custom, preferred buyer and VIP club options.

  • Wine Industry Impact Conference

    October 2018

    vinCreative sponsored and attended the annual Wine Industry Impact Conference, hosted by WISA. The conference covered all things Direct to Consumer (DTC) including marketing strategies, software solutions and wine industry product supplier stalls.

    Our team were flat out answering questions, giving live demonstrations and chatting to all attendees throughout the day. The event proving to be a successful with a number of clients signing up with vinCreative

  • Cellar Door POS Launch

    April 2019

    A lot of late nights and weekend hours were put into our very own Point of Sale System that fits perfectly within the suite of vinCreative eCommerce products. The Cellar Door POS system is designed with staff usability, payment processing integrations, customer data fetching and in-depth sales reports.

  • Coming Soon...

    On the roadmap for 2019: vinCreative v2

    - Business Intelligence real-time dashboards

    - Advanced Newsletter sales campaign management tools

    - CRM v2

    - MailServant v2

    - AI customer tagging

Contact Us

If our successful history in the software industry hasn't convinced you that we're the people to help your business grow, then give us a call, we'd love to change your mind once you see our product in a demo.