Unified Data Hub (CRM)

Turn your business data into True Intelligence

Access your company-wide data from a Single Source of Truth using ourUnified Data Hub

All information captured through client service, sales and marketing activities through any sales channel, or partner integration is stored in a central location. This Big Data approach empowers your team to make better business decisions to improve through real-time access to statistics, trends and insights.

Unified Data Hub- Unified Commerce

Access ‘buyer persona’ and purchase history data fast

  • Improved data integrity to minimise staff errors
  • Powerful 360° data mining & visibility
  • Deliver ‘multi-channel’ sales campaigns
  • Provide ‘omni-channel’ customer service

Unified Data Hub- Data Protection

Protect your most valuable business asset - your data!

  • Automated daily disaster recovery backups
  • Triple redundancy to all servers & network
  • Data sovereignty regulatory compliance assured
  • Data security with guaranteed A+ rating

Unified Data Hub- Buyer Persona

Access ‘real-time’ customer intelligence

  • Instant access to customer history & life time value
  • Access business intelligence, sales trends & insights
  • Track buyer behaviour, avg. spend & preferences
  • Distribute customer data across the entire business
  • Deliver targeted marketing & telesales campaigns

"Bringing many old school systems into one place was fantastic, one point of truth for database (CRM), newsletter production and e-commerce."

Greg Barritt(Owner)atJB Wines

Unified Data Hub- Fulfilment

Streamline order fulfilment and dispatch

  • Powerful dispatch management processes
  • Segment by sales status, channel, & delivery method
  • Consignment reports for most carriers & 3PL providers
  • Customise to support your business processes

Unified Data Hub- Sales Management

Online, direct, distribution and export sales

  • Plan & deliver ‘role’ based pricing for all customers
  • Trade sales ‘on account' with inventory consignment
  • ‘Anywhere - Anytime’ sales management & support
  • Report sales across all channels, brands & products

Make the hard tasks... simple

Store all business data in a single secure cloud depository.

Unified Data Hub- Additional Features

  • Unify transactional data across all sales channels
  • Segment data for targeted marketing & communications
  • Centralise inventory control across all warehouses & locations
  • Access data dashboards, contacts, activities & documents
  • Manage fulfilment from all sales channels centrally
  • Buyer segmentation tags for powerful email campaigns
  • Create a company wide discount strategy for users, & visitors
  • Centrally manage all contact information with a quick lookup
  • Stored credit cards, & payment methods, for any sales channel
  • Wholesale sales opportunity management with mobile invoicing
  • Powerful business intelligence reporting & insights
  • Buyer persona’s with product preferences & purchasing behaviour
  • Business accounts to manage exporters, distributors & resellers

Why is having a Single Source of Truth so important?

When multiple copies of the same data is stored the quality is degraded, and its validity can not be trusted. So how do you accurately calculate a whole-of-business lifetime value, or generate a valid buyer persona representing a customer's products preferences, interests, or purchasing behaviour?

You require a single authoritative source for each element of data, otherwise you have a fragmented view of your business and limited visibility of trends, and business insights. Today’s best practice is to implement a cloud native unified commerce solution across all facets of your business.