Wineries - Time to make the most of this unique Opportunity.

At present, there is a huge window of opportunity in the wine industry to secure long-term relationships with new and existing customers. The International travel restrictions have assisted the visitation rates to all wine regions across Australia, but this won’t last forever and eventually, the borders will re-open and a wave of cabin fever travelers will seek overseas holidays. 

Right now - Traffic through the cellar door and across all wine regions of Australia is at an all-time high and wine lovers are on the search for great experiences and are drinking new and interesting wines. If they are lucky they are also doing this while speaking to the winemaker.  

The best place to make a real connection is in the winery, and more specifically in the cellar door. As we know making lasting impressions is extremely important when selling wine, but if you can get your customers to the Cellar Door the hard part is done, customers just want to enjoy their experience with you, escape their reality for a while, and indulge in your passion. This is also the best place to promote and influence the sign-up to a newsletter, Wine Club, or a membership.  

Take a look at the 5 tips to grow Cellar Door DtC sales in 2021 below.

We all know the ultimate sales strategy in the wine industry is to generate a strong recurring revenue stream. The DtC market is exploding for all the right reasons. People have accelerated their adoption of online purchasing and wine eCommerce purchasing is now standard practice when buying wine on a mobile device.

Selling wine while you are asleep or at the beach was once a dream, but now it's a reality with our unified eCommerce software.

It’s time to exploit your unique proposition to the people heading down your driveway, possibly for the first of many times,....... or if not done right, possibly for the last time. 

A good cellar door experience will generate both immediate and long-term saleswhen managed well. It will also generate more foot traffic as your customers filter back into the cities and share their experiences with others. The best advocate for a winery is the person who has just returned from a magical weekend away and then shares these wine stories with their friends.

5 tips to grow Cellar Door DtC sales in 2021

  1. Seated Cellar Door wine tastings are all the rage and getting more Wine Club membership sign-ups and are more personal
  2. Staff needs to be well trained in all the products and work to a structured sales plan
  3. Club Memberships over time, make three times more money than a single sale
  4. Don’t be scared to try new things and make them interesting. For example, If you sign up today you will get 15% off your purchase and go in the draw for a weekend escape to a cabin with your next wine allocation in the fridge
  5. Make it memorable, find your unique story and use it to stand out from the crowd

The other big opportunity is that vinCreative is now partnering with wineries to make things easier. We have revisited our pricing and included our standard Winery Point of Sale software at no additional cost. This is a huge advantage as member information and pricing are immediately available to the Cellar Door staff and retention rates remain high. If you can make people feel special they will stay, and if the wine is great they buy more.  

Go as hard as you can, before it’s too late and this window of opportunity closes.