Sell more wine online, benchmark your winery website's performance.

Have you benchmarked your website lately?

So you’ve nailed your customer communications!

Your customers have been to your winery and love your brand, or they have previously purchased your wine online and love your wine. You’ve managed to get them to your website, they’ve chosen their wines for purchase, added them to the shopping cart, filled out all checkout forms... and you lose the sale?WTF!(You know the term).

They left without making a purchase and you lose the sale! A recent Australian study reported only 2.37% of food and wine customers that visited a website convert to a sale! You spent all of this time, effort, and money to drive traffic to your website only to lose up to 97% of them at the finish line, grrrr.

If you have the right winery software it can be easy to just jump in and start making changes to your eCommerce website, but before you dive in, you should first look to benchmark your existing site.

So, what is digital benchmarking?

Digital Benchmarking is used to help businesses identify how their digital experience stacks up against other leading brands.

Digital Benchmarking will assist you in identifying if your site is above or below an industry standard and can provide you with opportunities for improvement and assist you with insights to develop your wineries KPI's.

There are endless digital benchmarking metrics to look at but to get the juices flowing, here are some you could start with;

  • Shipping
  • Price Shock
  • Security or a lack of
  • User interface
  • User Experience

and all of the general Google metrics like Bounce Rate, Time on Page, Engagement to mention a few... you get the picture.

We've done some of the work for you!

The great news is, we have compiled for you a White Paper that explores 'How to drive Digital eCommerce growth for wineries where we explore the topic of 'Sales Abandonment' and deep dive into two of the largest causes of cart abandonment - ‘Price Shock’ and ‘Checkout confusion’. We have also included some juicy benchmarking stats for you to sink your teeth into.

Download ourWhite Paper here.