The majority of South Australian wineries are investing in Unified Commerce

TheSouth Australian Wine Industry Associationtogether withBentleysrecently released their fifth edition of the 'South Australian Wine Industry Snapshot'.

The report takes a look at many of the positive and negative impacts affecting South Australian Wineries over the past 12 months. The 2021 vintage was highlighted as a positive. Government financial support is keeping business open, staff employed and is providing some balance to the impact of COVID. Businesses have been disrupted with operational restrictions, labor shortages, and Cellar Door attendance.

With 42% of wineries having experienced a decrease in sales due to drought, COVID or China exports the report highlights that wineries must keep evolving. It is positive to see there is a strong level of investment in innovation and adopting new business processes. Business models have adapted with 94% agreeing that innovation is important. Digital Transformation, and in particularUnified Commerce solutionsrepresent a key part of many businesses’ short, medium and long-term innovation plans.

Tim Siebert, Partner, Business Service and Advice at Bentleys SA says "Now is the time to invest in innovation and considernew eCommerce strategiesto engage profitable new customers, this should always be part of your strategy".

The impact of lockdowns and restrictions has seen winery businesses looking for technology andautomation solutionsto improve business processes. Investments in wineryeCommerce solutionsare at the forefront of automation and new technology with 83% of wineries planning to implement new technology in the medium to long term. The highest response shows 51% of businesses are looking forwinery eCommerce solutionsand 44% looking for wineryCRM platforms, this places vinCreatives Unified Commerce DtC Winery software as the premium solution for wineries.

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