The art of visual selling, is your website your best sales tool?

Would you turn up to a meeting dressed in your shorts a tee shirt? As we all know, first impressions count and it is no different when people visit your website, it needs to not only present well but be well written, the content and pages need to flow and most importantly provide a simple purchasing process.

Do not cut corners when it comes to a website for your business. Think about the website as a salesperson on steroids….it works all the time 24/7, never complains and doesn't require constant management and attention. So it makes sense to spend a reasonable budget on getting it right the first time so it can serve you well in a long run. All you need is to update the system regularly to keep it fresh as it ensures continual traffic and sales in return.

How does your website fare? Wineries are a sensory experience in both sight and taste but how do you recreate it on your digital platform while keeping your visitors engaged?

When people visit you at the cellar door, you have the opportunity to interact with them, which allows you to understand their persona as well as their palate preferences but you do not have that luxury when it comes to website visitors. They are quite different types of customer and you have no idea why they are visiting your website today. 

There are so many reasons for people landing on your site. They might be planning for a future trip, or trying to re-purchase another bottle of wines they enjoyed previously, or may just want to check out the site after visiting the cellar door. 

Here are some tips:

1) Wineries' websites by default should be visually appealing so have your images of products, vines, cellar door and even videos ready.

2) Make sure the images are appropriate for your CTA’s (calls to action) as these are what drives interaction on websites and help people make decisions. 

3) If you have a variety of banner images, then provide an explanation in text overlaying the image and ensure you provide a CTA such as join or wine club or visit our wine store, these links then need to be backed up by the resulting page providing them with the information that they asked for by clicking the link. 

4) Think about your website as a series of funnels that are driving your visitors to various outcomes usually a sale, enquiry or a booking. When deciding on your navigation for a website make sure you create the various ‘end points’ and then work out the funnels(pages and links) to get them there. 

5) Finally trust our vinCreative purchasing system as it is designed to process payments simple and fast!

This will ensure your website is simple to navigate and creates a seamless user experience every time.