Reserve with Google isn't far away for Australia and New Zealand

Reserve with Googleallows people using Google Search or Maps to make a booking directly with your business from your Google My Business Listing.  You do need to be using one of the approvedreservation scheduling software partnersbut once it's installed there is very little extra set up.


The reservation link lets people know they can make a booking at any time without having to navigate to your website or wait until you're open to receive their call.  It will be very helpful for those people that are visiting your area and looking for restaurants or winery experiences that they can book for.


This may eventually change the way people search online for their experiences - instead of searching 'restaurant near me' they might search 'book a restaurant near me'. Obviously there are more than just restaurants that will use this new Google feature - hairdressers, massage and beauty therapists, studio's, gyms and others will be able to take bookings from the google search results page.


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