Cellar Door Game Changer

By Mick Clarke

No longer are free tastings the norm. Thanks to COVID, most wineries have revised their cellar door strategies and completely changed not only the way they treat their visitors but how they provide premium offerings.

This game changer will allow wineries to increase profit margins going forward!

The Game Changer

This is great news for wineries who traditionally gave away wine to anyone, without thinking clearly about the purchase journey and to people who were highly unlikely to purchase wine at cellar door. 

Pre COVID-19, wineries seemed to be the only businesses that actually encouraged giving away their product for free every day of the year and even advertised it outside their business!

The new norm for many wineries is now:

  • Pre Booked Tastings- allows you to staff up correctly and not pay staff ‘just in case’.
  • Seated Tastings- allows you to focus on delivering a premium tasting experience whilst having the full attention of your small groups.
  • Paid Tastings- In most cases these tastings are booked and paid in advance which is an even better option. No longer are you writing off multiple bottles a day!
  • Improved Customer Experience- Customers have a more personal tasting experience and get to know the staff, product, brand and philosophy even better. 
  • Increased Profit Margins- More money back into your winery from a combination of paid tastings, reduced staff costs, less refunds and increased sales margins.
  • Reduced Refunds- many wineries are no longer offering refunds when a customer purchases after a tasting, saving even more money and driving the premium experience even further.

Most wineries that have adopted this new ‘norm’ may not even be aware that they are turning their brand and products into premium experiences.

The Cellar Door "Premiumisation" therefore reduces the need to offer deep discounts to gain the wine sale as was the norm pre COVID. 

When people are immersed in a brand and the essence of the brand, they feel a part of it and take the brand story/experience with them. That’s the end goal to create further brand awareness and profitability.

Storytelling, social media posts, dinner with friends for example; improves the chances of repeat purchases, club memberships, referrals and revisits where they bring their friends and family to enjoy the same experience.

This new customer is your best marketer and customer all in one. 

This must be one of the biggest game changers in the DTC space for wineries ever and we at vinCreative love it!

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