Save time managing your wine clubs

Wine Club Software

Easy to use Wine Clubs

Allow Wine Club Members to manage their own orders, sign up online, change from one selection to another or choose their own products with our simple to use wine club selection wizard. Customers can quickly select their preferred plan by frequency, quantity and wine selection.

Wine Club Management Tools

Ensure your staff have visibility over all wine club functions allowing a seamless experience for your members. Our software manages wine club processing, user registration, invoicing, stock and fulfillment, shipping and member communication. Run your wine club when you choose!

Improve Wine Club Retention Rates

Increase your repeat business by offering more flexible wine club products that are easier to manage, allowing automated discounts and other benefits to wine club members when they are shopping online or at cellar door. Wine club members can log into their portal to update their personal details or change their user choice wines before the next club run is processed.

Single Source of Truth

Wine club sales data is seamlessly delivered and stored in the CRM so all staff can all access the information easily.

Simplified Order Picking

All orders system-wide including mobile commerce, eCommerce, POS and CRM are aggregated for centralised order picking management.

Inventory Management

Quickly access real-time stock levels with automatic inventory updates upon wine club, cellar door or online sales.

Frequent Buyers Club

Reward your best customers with automated discount levels to build loyalty and increase your repeat sales.

VIP Members Club

Give special VIP customers access to additional discounts, private event invitations, and pre-release product offers.

Product Substitutions

Easily update wine club product inclusions with new releases when short stocked to ensure invoices, stock control and picking slips are always accurate.

Saved Credit Cards

Allow repeat customers and wine club members to save their credit card for future use enabling faster checkout and automated club processing.

Pre-Auth Credit Cards

Automated credit card pre-authorisation for wine club order processing to verify funds are available prior to invoices being raised.

Manage Existing Wine Club Members Plus Offer New Purchase Methods

Allow your customers to enjoy all the perks of choosing their own bottles as well as maintain your existing winery packs for loyal wine club members.