Order Processing and Picking Slips

Simplified Order Picking

Warehouse staff can print all, or a subset of, pick slips for order processing. Each pick slip lists product inclusions, stock codes, QR code for order status updating and shipping details. Order lists including fixed wine clubs, user selected wine clubs, VIP customer purchases and Frequent Buyer plans can be processed individually, in batches or in its entirety.

Transaction Workflow Statuses

Transaction workflow statuses enable staff and management to monitor the current situation for each and every order being processed by your business.

Real Time Stock Updates

Access real-time stock quantities which are automatically updated as orders are processed to ensure accurate records are available to all staff.

Pre-Auth Credit Cards

Pre-authorised member credit cards prior to invoice creation to confirm payment success in advance and reduce staff workload.

Warehouse Pick Slips

Staff can print pick slips individually or in a batch for orders to begin the processing individual sales or wine club orders.

Order Processing Status

Customers can access all transactions and their order processing status within their MyPortal to track their order stage and shipping dates.

Nominate Ship After Date

Cellar Door POS transactions can collect a Ship After date, to ensure visitors have returned home prior to deliveries arriving.

Invoice Delivery Notes

eCommerce and POS transactions can include delivery notes to outline any specific details to the courier.

Filter Prior to Printing

Staff can filter on postcode, region, dates, invoice numbers and status before printing pick slips.

Transaction Resending

Customers or staff can resend or reprint an invoice at any time from the MyPortal or the CRM.

Save Time with a Unified System

Arrange a demo to see how you can save time processing online purchases and wine club orders