Maximise Sales Conversions

Dynamic eCommerce with Single Page Checkout

One Page Checkout

A seamless customer checkout experience with pricing subtotals refreshing simultaneously as customers add or change quantity, freight, coupon or delivery address data. Shopping cart abandonment rates will reduce, and customers will feel safe making a purchase off your website.

Discount Coupons

Your customers can redeem a Coupon and instantaneously receive the discount without website page reloads or other user interaction. Coupons can be single or multi-use, linked to an individual person or a group, and have a ‘use by’ date after which it is invalid.

Shipping Management

Empower your customers on checkout to select an existing, or create a new, delivery address with shipping notes, a delivery phone number or a ship-after date to ensure a successful experience is achieved every time.

Shopping Paths

Offer your customers a Checkout Now or Continue Shopping popup option as products are added to the cart to highlight their actions.

Add to Cart

Clear 'Add to Cart' buttons on each product that directs customers to choose to continue shopping, checkout now or view cart total.

Freight Options

Include multiple freight business rules with the best/cheapest option automatically provided to customers for seamless purchasing.

GST Compliance

Customer purchases will automatically apply GST with GST Free for overseas shipments with clear amounts outlined on invoices and receipts.

Age Gate Security

Site entry and purchasing age gate rules applied your website to collect “legal age compliance” and fill birth date respectively.

Guest Checkout

Customers can create a user account anytime, before payment, during checkout or after payment with options provided upon checkout.

Pick Up Option

Customers can choose to pick up their order from the Cellar Door rather than use shipping options offered.

Payment Notices

Customers are provided with clear and simple payment notifications for payment success and payment failure. Invoices are emailed automatically.

Decrease Cart Abandonment

Increase sales and decrease cart abandonment with a system that makes your customers feel safe online. Contact us for more information or to book a Demo today