Multi-channel Support

Sales & Business Intelligence Reporting

Financial Analysis

Gain insights about your business strategy by comparing current and historic financial reports. What is your most profitable product line? Where could you improve bottom line results? Make better business decisions based from your actual data.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Understand which campaigns achieved the desired ‘cut through’, which people responded, and what action did each engage with. Send specific newsletters to segmented groups for A/B testing, or for special offers based on their engagement or interests.

Life-time Value

Quickly access the ‘lifetime value’ for a specific customer with total life, previous year and year to date calculations and charts.

Product Analysis

Understand which products are your most popular and most profitable at cellar door and in your eCommerce shop.


Define the attributes of your typical customer, understand who are your best buyers and identify where you should focus more attention.

Regional Analysis

Identify where your product resonate best, and in which regions, climates or socio-economic situations.

Business Analysis

Where is your business excelling, and where could you focus more effort? Is it eCommerce, Cellar Door or Distribution channels?

Distributor Analysis

Do you have under performing resellers or distributors? Idententify where additional merchandising and sales support is required.

Staff Performance

Which staff excel and where? Who needs additional training? Which hours and on which days should you be open?

Cart Abandonment

Gain insights about cart abandonment key points. Could you improve calls to action? Would reduced freight increase profit?

Get a 360 Degree View

Understand your business from post-bottle to consumption with in-depth customer analytics, POS vs. eCommerce sales reporting, Product analysis and more. Contact Us to arrange a demo