Customer Relationship Management - CRM

Your database that stores all customers and club members

Customer Profiling

Create new customer records by quickly storing information including contact details, marketing segmentation data, assigned discounts or campaigns, transaction history and much more.

Dive deep into your business data to identify statistics, trends, and insights. Track KPIs, export reports, and gain real-time insights allowing better business decisions to be made by staff and management.

Customer Search

Quickly find any customer record using powerful filtering tools including keywords, names, preferences, tags, date ranges, membership status, and purchase history.

Improve marketing campaign personalisation, sales and customer service delivery by capturing client preferences, consumption habits, interests, behaviours, demographic, geographic and psychographic data.

Single Source of Truth

Empower multi-channel sales and customer service across all business units. Minimise wasted admin time and improve data quality.

Staff Activity Management

Staff can create and assign calls, add tasks to others for action and completion to ensure important duties are not forgotten.

Document Management

Provide company wide access to documents stored against customers, staff, business partners and distributor profiles.

Manually Create Invoices

Create and manage invoices against customer accounts, view debtor reports and reconcile payments.

Everything in One Place

Easily find everything you need to manage your business in the one solution