What about your local customers?

Around 20% of a winery's sales come from local people who live and work around your local area. These people support local businesses and may well interact with you on a more regular basis. So you need to roll out the red carpet to locals as they are key to your business success and ongoing sales, they are also the people who will most likely fill your events when you are hosting one.

So what do you provide your locals that set them apart from your other customers? 

Many of our customers offer their locals a wide choice of extras to make them feel special and just some that are working well include:

  • Create a ‘role’ for locals which provides them with a % discount on shop orders and maybe even event tickets and food. Invite them to events first which gives them a chance to buy tickets before they go on general release and try and sit your locals together in one area as many of them may well know each other.
  • Provide a unique option for locals who sign up to your clubs, vinCreative provides the facility to tick a ‘Pick Up’ box when subscribing to a wine club and that is a win-win! You save on shipping and you can run the locals club packs prior to the rest and your local members can come and pick up their wine when they want.
  • In addition to this, you could invite the local club members to come and pick up their orders on a set day and time and even provide a sausage sizzle or new vintage tasting, winemakers barrel tastings etc which in turn builds on the relationship and can drive more sales.
  • Locals only events such as new vintage tastings or end of vintage celebrations, it is very simple to select locals within vinCreative and send out an invite just to them.
  • Coupons and offers that they can give to their visitors to entice them to visit your winery when they are in town
  • Provide coupons to locals who refer a friend and make sure that you offer your customer the same coupon as the one they can gift to a friend
  • Locals BBQ, long table lunches, this list of options is limited only by your imagination

As vinCreative allows you to set up as many ‘roles’ as you wish and to add ‘locals’ as a custom type it is very simple to segment your database and communicate with them at any time. This in addition to the ability to provide automatic pricing at the cellar door, for events, tastings and even in the online shop to their role is standard within vinCreative.