Marketing Specialists for Wineries

The last couple of years has been a tough time for Australian and New Zealand wineries with devastating fires, floods, COVID lockdowns,restrictions oninternational travel, export restrictions and supply chain issues causing major headaches.

The most successful wineries have pivoted their business throughout this time and are spreading their risk by becoming less reliant on low-margin wine sales channels such as export and distribution and instead, are focusing their attention on direct-to-consumer (DTC) channels.

The reason for this is the margins are higher, you have complete control, recurring sales are supported and if done right, you get to grow your brand with a bunch of die-hard loyal customers that’ll keep coming back for more, who wouldn’twant that!!

However, as with any growing business, you’regoing to need help finding the right staff, and currently finding that help can be quite a difficult task in itself.

One of the most significant issues facing wineries every day is limited staffing resources.

Finding the right staff for any business is hard enough but for wineries, it can be much more difficult. Many wineries are located inregional areaswhich results in a reduced talent pool for critical positions, couple this with the currentlack of housing affordabilityand it makes for a tough recruitment process. So, say you have found your perfect placement and relocation packages have been negotiated, many wineries are finding that their new hire cannot secure housing locally and so the position remains vacant, and the cycle continues.

This has created a huge skills gap, especially in regional areas and with so many wineries wanting to increase their wine sales by pumping up their DTC sales it is proving very difficult for them to do so without appropriate staff. Without the right sales and marketing staff, it can be tricky building and executing a successful DTC strategy across your business, as your marketing team is involved in so many areas of your business including Cellar Door,Clubs,Newsletters, PR, Events and all other direct sales.

vinCreative provides professional DTC marketing services for wineries.

The simple answer is yes, for vinCreative customers there is. We have been running sales and marketing programs with select vinCreative customers since mid-2020, which, as you will be aware, was when all businesses were impacted the most by lockdowns and border closures which resulted in a massive downturn in cellar door visitation.

Our range of professional marketing services is supported by a team of 20+ professional staff who have skills inSEO,Website Administration, content creation, newsletters andwine club management.We're focused on providing your customers with a smooth online experience, growing your Wine Club subscriptions and managing your wine club members by developing and executing Wine Club campaigns that encourage repeat sales for years to come.

Wine Club Marketing

One of the primary areas of growth that we are excelling in is ‘Wine Club as a Service’ (WCaaS). We created this program to drive new wine club member sign-ups, this provides a double win for the winery as it creates new customers and provides arecurring income which in turn builds brand loyalty and ‘stickiness’.

Cellar Door Sales

The average Cellar Door team member is hospitality and/or tourism industry-focused and that is where their training and experience lie. This is ideal for delivering great customer service and enhancing customer experience however, many do not see themselves as ‘salespeople, and when asked to promote a wine club they can be hesitant. This is due to several reasons but mostly it's feeling uncomfortable ‘selling’ to customers and a reluctance to be ‘pushy’ - which is totally understandable. You wouldn't necessarily hire a cab driver to run a harvester, would you?

Working with cellar door staff, we build processes to assist with providing an even better customer experience. This focuses on increasing mailing list sign-ups and conversions to the club. Once the cellar door staff see the process in action they fully grasp the value for the customer and no longer see this as a sales pitch but rather a value add that saves the customer money while providing them with other benefits that are exclusive to the Wine Club members.

Many cellar door staff also mention that it takes too long to sign up a new club member and they just don’t have the time, this is understandable and we deploy processes to deal with this and to allow for ‘self and ‘in-person sign-ups to reduce any potential ‘sales friction’.

Wine Club Management

As a winery, Club Management is not a function that is required every day therefore becoming efficient in running Clubs can take time for your staff to remember the processes, no matter what system you deploy. The vinCreative team specialises in Wine Club Management and can assist you with all Wine Club administration tasks including;

  • Managing Club Members
  • Editing Club Member details
  • Updating Wine Club selections
  • Creating and sending Wine Club reminder notifications
  • Wine Club Marketing emails
  • Processing Wine Club payments and follow-ups 

This allows wineries to focus on the picking, packing, and fulfilment of Club Member orders. Contracting Wine Club Management professionals like vinCreative will save many hours each time a club run is due and allows wineries to focus on the day-to-day operations of their business.

Winery Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns for wineries can be promoted through multiple channels such as Online (Digital), Offline, TV, Radio, and Print and many different strategies are used depending on the sales channels you are marketing to. All communications for your winery should be on-brand and should represent your business professionally. The creation and delivery of winery marketing campaigns require copywriters, graphic designers and digital specialists. The good news is, that we have on-deck leading marketing professionals providing services to our clients for the creation and delivery of your winery marketing campaigns for;

  • EDM’s (Electronic Direct Mail)
  • Vintage releases
  • Events
  • News
  • Social media
  • Special offers and promos as well as seasonal campaigns

Again, with this service, we work with you to create a calendar detailing each service required. We plan out the campaigns, develop concept designs and finished promotional materials, and bring them all together to provide a professional campaign that delivers upon the brief and drives increased sales. We can also create and manage a host of other sales drivers such as birthday campaigns, cart abandonment re-engagement tactics, personalised welcome messages, targeted gifting, and much more. All of these services are available on an affordable monthly retainer fee basis which is fixed and manageable.

So if you need sales, marketing, digital, or administration skills and resources in your business, contact us for a tailored solution today! Forget about trying to fill those vacant positions and the headaches associated with staff relocations and save money by using a professional service from a company that you trust.

vinCreative provides professional Marketing and Administration services for Wineries including;