Xero Integration

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Automate all winery transactions, integrate with Xero Accounting Software

What is Xero?

Xero is a cloud-based accounting software package designed to connect small businesses to banks, accountants, and bookkeepers. For Wineries, Xero provides instant visibility of your financial position and is used for bank reconciliation, GST returns, inventory, and financial reporting.

Why integrate my winery to Xero?

vinCreative is always looking to provide customers with a unified approach to business. Integrating vinCreative to Xero further streamlines your business processes by automating the push of all transactional data across all business and sales channels to Xero, improving your staff efficiencies, reducing data entry errors, and forcing standardisation to the Xero data structure.

There are multiple business efficiencies to be gained by doing this, including:

Improved ‘staff efficiency’ and data accuracy

Staff efficiency is improved by eliminating the need to manually recreate, or import information into XERO. This also removes the potential for double-ups or data entry errors.

Ensure a consistent data structure is maintained

A massive benefit of our Xero API Integration is delivered by forcing a predetermined structure on the data created.  You can now be assured that the correct GL-Code will be assigned, Tax codes applied and Tracking Codes entered.

Streamline reconciliation with consolidated payment processing

Your payment completes a daily settlement process that creates a single payment to your Bank Account for a ‘batch’ of invoices that have been paid for through the payment gateway on a certain day.

vinCreative is notified of the payment gateway settlement once it is completed, which triggers an automated process to automatically mark as ‘Paid’ for the invoices included in the batch within XERO. A ‘consolidated payment’ is lodged for the purposes of reconciliation enabling you to easily and accurately map your 'settlement payment' from your payment gateway account to the amount in your bank feed.

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Integrate vinCreative to Xero in just 4 simple steps!

  1. Ensure Xero is configured correctly by creating 
    1. products to be mapped to vinCreative
    2. tracking categories to be used in vinCreative
    3. contacts for sales channels, user roles, and/or individual people - mapped to vinCreative
  2. Confirm Xero connection in vinCreative
  3. Choose which invoices to send from vinCreative to Xero
  4. Notify vinCreative when you're ready to start syncing transactions - well take it from there!

Streamline your accounting practices

integrate to Xero today

Xero Integration - Additional Features

  • Batch Invoice processing marking invoices the payments belong to as paid
  • One-click reconciliation of all per day transactional data
  • Tracking transaction/invoice status
  • Category Reports (report sales by channels, wine type, product types)
  • Consistent data structure
  • Integrates with winery production software vintrace, Vinsight, and Dear